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Steve Jones runs the Royal Parks Half Marathon

Steve Jones runs the Royal Parks Half Marathon

Steve Jones is a Physical Activity Lead at UCLH. On Sunday 14th October he ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon, raising money to support our funds. A half marathon is a huge commitment of both time and energy, and we are very grateful to Steve for supporting us in this way. 

Steve said of his experience, 'Although I work in the fitness industry I have never enjoyed long distance events. I signed up to the Royal Parks Half Marathon to try and change this, to force myself to enjoy it! Through the training process, I realised why I did not enjoy endurance events...I was in my head too much and I would annoy myself, I am sure other people can relate. So I decided on a change of tactic, I was going to practice mindful thinking. Not thinking about time, pace or distance, but taking in my surroundings, being in the present moment, enjoying the process. This took away the pressure of expected finish times etc and allowed me to enjoy the event for what it was (although it was very very wet!). I found the run challenging but enjoyable and I will look back on the experience with very fond memories. I am glad that I could raise money for UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation.'

Many thanks to Steve for choosing to support us in this way, and congratulations on a great achievement!